Replica Watches Movements

Now the Replica watches market movement is too chaotic! For any friend who wants to buy Super Clone Watches, the movement is the most considered. Indeed, no matter how perfect the appearance of the watch is, but if the movement is poor, the life of the watch will be very short. We often hear that when merchants introduce watches, they use the words "Swiss ETA movement" and "original movement", so is it? As a newcomer to replica watches, how to choose a replica watch with a better movement? First of all, let's first understand which movements are used in the replica watches currently on the market?

1. Asian Movement
The more famous Asian movements are Seagull, Shanghai, Pearl and Hangzhou. Among them, Seagull's 2828 and 2836 movements are very good, with stable travel time and small errors. The 7750 movement in Shanghai is the best 7750 movement in China. These movements are not cheap. The movements of Hangzhou and Mingzhu are very cheap, but the quality is very poor! Like many replica watches use the seagull Shanghai and Japanese movements (more on this below)! Here is also used to reproduce the Panerai P. series movement of the seagull movement, as well as the Omega 9300 movement of the Shanghai movement, which can basically retain all the functions of the genuine product, but also is relatively stable, the simulation degree is also high, and the cost performance Also high!

2. Japanese movement
At present, replica watches on the market will also use movements imported from Japan, mainly the movement of the Citizen movement, which is similar to the Swiss movement, but the price is similar to the seagull movement. In fact, Japanese movements are far better than most Chinese consumers think. The daily error standard of Japanese movements is within 35 seconds, and Swiss movements are within 30 seconds. Most of the actual movement errors are more than ten seconds, sometimes even The error of your Swiss movement is more than 20 seconds, and the error of others' Japanese movement is a few seconds! Many top replica watches use Japanese movements to re-engrave genuine movements, which are the previously mentioned modified movements. For example, the Omega 8500 movement is reproduced with Citizen 9015, and the Audemars Piguet 3120 movement is also reproduced with the 9015 movement. The performance of this movement is also good, and the degree of simulation is also very high!

3. Swiss movement
Many people have basically zero knowledge of watch movements. When it comes to watches, they think Swiss movements are good. Swiss movements are absolutely necessary. I think that mechanical watches must be accurate, except for Swiss movements. ! In fact, this understanding is very wrong, such as Cartier, Panerai and other non-Swiss big-name watches, most of the movements used in their own production, and they are not as successful as the so-called Swiss movements. Swiss movements are usually divided into two categories:
Some large-brand self-produced movements: self-produced movements, the principle is very simple refers to a movement produced by a watch brand for its own use. If you are a shareholder of a watch brand, you may let your own movement exile Come out and let others make fake watches? Of course not possible, such as Audemars Piguet 3120, Rolex 3135, Hengbao 4100, etc., such movements are usually only available in genuine products. In addition, the production cost of this self-produced movement is very high. For example, the Rolex 3135 movement, the second-hand on the market also has five or six thousand one, and the price of the Audemars Piguet 3120 if you go to the counter to replace one. Thousands. Therefore, in addition to having a certain brand value, many watches with millions of millions are also in the production cost and process.
Basic movement: The basic movement refers to the general movement made by ETA and other movement manufacturers. Basic movements are roughly divided into semi-finished products and finished products. The semi-finished products are mainly movement mammoth, and then the watch company takes the semi-finished products of the movement factory to process and transform it into its own movement. For example, Longines CAL619 is actually the ETA2892-A2 basic movement. This type of movement can also be a self-produced movement; the finished movement refers to ETA2824 and 2836, SW200, etc. We are familiar with Swiss movements, most of which are also direct Equipped with basic movements, such as Hamilton, Longines, Tudor, and even some models of Omega, IWC and Panerai also have finished movements using ETA. However, the price of this movement is not high, but since Switzerland banned the movement of the mainland, many can only come in through illegal means, so the amount is naturally much less, and the price is naturally raised by the manufacturer. So a meaningful super clone watches usually use the Swiss eta basic movement, which is why they are more expensive than the average replica watches.