Super Clone Rolex Cellini by the MKS factory

Hello everyone, Im avdweyde. Today Im bringing you the Rolex Cellini that is the least like Rolex. In the impression of many people, Rolex is focused on sports watches, like the famous Submariner series, daytona series and Yachtmaster series are all focused on sports watches. In fact, the Cellini series watches launched by Rolex in 2014 perfectly represent the formal dress style of Rolex, giving many successful business-oriented people a good choice, rolex cellini geneve. Next, let's take a look at the Super Clone Rolex Cellini evaluation produced by the MKS factory.

The MKS factory also launched a lot of color matching Super Clone Rolex Cellini Watches, according to the material of rose gold and stainless steel version, according to the black and white version of the dial, there are different options according to the different time scale of the dial. If you want to buy them, or want to get more Super Clone Rolex.

Before actually wearing it, avdweyde measured its watch diameter to 39 mm, which can be said to be very close to the genuine watch diameter (39 mm). The weight of the watch is more appropriate. The wrist fit is very comfortable, the strap is also very comfortable, and the softness is very good. Pure white dial design, stainless steel strips, black minute and second scales printed in the middle of the stripe scale, you can read the time accurately to every second. The pointer is a classic three-pin design, the hour and minute hands are sword-shaped pointers, the workmanship is extremely exquisite, the edges and corners are clear, the Rolex logo at 12 o'clock is polished just right, and the three-dimensional sense inlaid on the disk surface is extremely strong.

white super clone rolex cellini

The pointer has some problems in the production process of many replica watches. The polishing of the pointer should be the first focus. The polish of the pointer is not smooth and it is easy to observe. Secondly, it is easy to cause differences in the length and width of the pointer. The last point is about the small hole in the position of the middle axis of the pointer. The genuine products are basically made by hand grinding. The hole is very small and the hole position is very positive. Such workmanship can reach the standard of Super Clone Rolex.

Super Clone Rolex Cellini Watch's case is available in stainless steel and rose gold for reference. The bezel is evenly placed with a triangular pit pattern, also known as dog teeth mouth. The case is full and rounded, and the whole body is used. The polishing process is polished, the brightness is very good, even if the mks used 316L stainless steel, but the brightness does not lose the brightness of the authentic 904L steel. The crown adopts a screw-in handle, which has a strong waterproof function, and the classic crown logo of Rolex is engraved on the top.

The clone rolex cellini adopts opaque bottom style, Oyster-style dense bottom design, 316L stainless steel bottom cover is all polished, as bright as a mirror, with a triangular pit on the edge, used to open and tighten the bottom cover, the entire bottom cover is very The simplicity is suitable for the overall business style of the watch. The four lugs are all made with the Rolex crown logo, the 750 precious metal logo, and the tiger head imprint as the original. This time, MKS used a more accurate and stable 3132 movement. MKS has improved the structure and original functions of the movement, basically reaching 90%, and the travel time is very accurate and stable, and the performance is extremely reliable.Calf leather strap, pin buckle design, precious metal polished on the inner buckle, the same as the original. This Super Clone Rolex Cellini Watch abandons the Rolex local gold, diving resistance, rough atmosphere label, showing a gentle and elegant, perfectly showing a gentleman-like taste.

rose gold super clone rolex cellini